5 Things You Can Do To Recruit Members (low or no cost) – Grow Your Social Group

Sure you can buy an ad in the paper or pay for clicks via Google AdWords, but why pay when you dont have to? There are ways to recruit Members for free, or at a very nominal cost.

1. Hand Out Flyers and Hang Flyers (low cost)

If your social group is focused in a specific geographic area, handing out flyers may work for you! Stand at the local bus stop or train station during the morning or night rush, put flyers on cars at a public park, hang flyers in your local library, etc. Figure out where your potential Members may be and get your flyer in front of them. Concerned about cost? No one says your flyer needs to be glossy and printed in vibrant color.

When I first started, my flyers were black and white and were printed on standard white printer paper. Remember, you have to start somewhere! But if you do have a budget and you want some cheap postcards, check out VistaPrint.com. If you want to rent equipment for making your own postcards check out ABComrents.com. They even have a deal where you can get business cards for free (I used this the first 2 years when I had a $0 budget).

Disclaimer: Make sure you abide by all laws when passing out or hangingflyers.

2. Use Social Media (no cost) This is a no brainer! Not only should you have a Facebook Business Page and/or Group Page but you should also take the time to post about your group whenever and wherever you can. Again, figure out where your potential Members are and go there. Looking for moms? Post to the local breastfeeding group. Want to find Young Professionals? Then maybe post on a popular bar page (especially do this once …

Find Out What I Pay My Door Staff and Photographers and Where I Find Them – Grow Your Social Group

I pay my door hosts $12.50 an hour, my event managers $20 an hour and my photographers $25 for 50 to 75 usable images. Depending on where in the country you live, you may be able to hire staff for an even lower rate. Door Staff at $12.50 per hour and Event Mangers at $20 per hour. Here, in New Jersey, the cost of living is pretty high, so my rates are fair considering I am getting a college educated professional – who is friendly, outgoing, and attractive – to work the door for me. The best way to find door staff or event managers is via your Membership as you will likely find someone who:Enjoys going to your events, thus they will be less likely to cancel because something better came along.Understands your social group! They appreciate the culture and the purpose of the events. They can also answer any questions that newbies may have.You know personally. When I first started my social organization, I hosted every event.

As I grew relationships with Members, I was able to hire people I trusted.Photographers at $25 per event. We all know professional photographers can cost hundreds of dollars, but this is not your wedding, so you really do not need professional photographers. Therefore, the photographers I hire are often hobbyists, amateurs, and/or moonlighters (aka they have a day job, but take gigs at night). I provide photographers with the following guidelines:

1. They must send me 50 to 75 usable photos within 3 days of the event.

2. They must use a DSLR (aka a fancy camera, not your normal point and shoot).

3. They should take 90% posed group pictures and 10% candid shots.

4. They may brand the photos in the lower left corner with their logo and website. …