Find Out What I Pay My Door Staff and Photographers and Where I Find Them – Grow Your Social Group

I pay my door hosts $12.50 an hour, my event managers $20 an hour and my photographers $25 for 50 to 75 usable images. Depending on where in the country you live, you may be able to hire staff for an even lower rate. Door Staff at $12.50 per hour and Event Mangers at $20 per hour. Here, in New Jersey, the cost of living is pretty high, so my rates are fair considering I am getting a college educated professional – who is friendly, outgoing, and attractive – to work the door for me. The best way to find door staff or event managers is via your Membership as you will likely find someone who:Enjoys going to your events, thus they will be less likely to cancel because something better came along.Understands your social group! They appreciate the culture and the purpose of the events. They can also answer any questions that newbies may have.You know personally. When I first started my social organization, I hosted every event.

As I grew relationships with Members, I was able to hire people I trusted.Photographers at $25 per event. We all know professional photographers can cost hundreds of dollars, but this is not your wedding, so you really do not need professional photographers. Therefore, the photographers I hire are often hobbyists, amateurs, and/or moonlighters (aka they have a day job, but take gigs at night). I provide photographers with the following guidelines:

1. They must send me 50 to 75 usable photos within 3 days of the event.

2. They must use a DSLR (aka a fancy camera, not your normal point and shoot).

3. They should take 90% posed group pictures and 10% candid shots.

4. They may brand the photos in the lower left corner with their logo and website. This is optional, and I often only provide this option when I am hiring a moonlighter as they tend to provide really high-end photos.

5. They have permission to use the photos in their portfolios.Again, the best way to find photographers is via your Membership (like with event hosts), but you also may want to post an ad on Craigslist. You can advertise on CL under gigs for free. However, be warned that if you are hiring a non-Member, they may not be as committed as a Member. They may be a no-show, or never send you the photos. They may even try to demand more money post event. Essentially, you just never know, so try them out during an event where you will not be devastated if something goes wrong.

Pro-Tip: I use Coffman media as a way to gather applications to host! People ask me weekly if they can host events and it is so easy to send them to my account.